Early Elements

Ross & Lea Holliday have been involved in real estate & construction for nearly all of their lives and are the third generation to carry the torch forward. A deeply imbued passion for timeless design & architecture came from their upbringing in Charleston, South Carolina which features some of the finest architecture in the country with its unique style rooted in history. Being immersed in the beauty of this great city left an indelible mark on their vision for constructing fine homes and note worthy commercial projects.

Foundational Elements

Up until the middle of 2010, Ross & Lea successfully managed & partially owned a successful home building company in Salt Lake City. During their tenure, they were able to turn the company back to a customer focus with well designed homes located in master planned communities. In total, they constructed nearly 1,300 homes and developed nearly 1,000 residential home sites in Utah, Arizona and Idaho with combined sales revenues totaling a quarter billion dollars. When it was all said and done, something was still missing.

Combining the Right Elements

Element Homes was formed in July 2010 with the clear and undeniable vision that the company would only do things the right way, every time, as best we can, no matter what and that’s it. This is what we are about and what we truly believe in. We fall short, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t committed to this as our ideal and our vision for our work. It’s a high standard for any company, but it is in our company’s DNA. It’s just who we are.

Forward Thinking Elements

We build fine custom homes and remodel homes where our construction expertise and design focus can make a huge impact. We focus on the following key elements with our customers:

  1. The Truth Always
  2. Relentless Follow Up
  3. Respectful Communication
  4. Fresh Ideas & Creative Approach

We don’t have a fancy mission statement or slogan, because it’s not about us as individuals. Rather, it’s about the art that we deliver and the customer who beholds it. Yes, we consider ourselves construction artists who get the right things done; the kind of artists that are very organized, detail driven and relentlessly obsessive. We look forward to meeting you.